Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Frog Prince with a dash of Cajun for added spice.

I never really liked the fairy story of the Frog Prince, I thought the princess was terribly spoiltmean to the poor Frog and really did not deserve anything except perhaps a good slap after the way she behaved, but boy oh boy I was relieved as anything this weekend to be the happy recipient of a copy of the new Blu-ray DVD of Disney's The Princess and the Frog when my neighbours small children became our unexpected overnght guests, leaving their young Mummy and Daddy to make an unscheduled dash to the hospital for the arrival of the children's new baby sister.

We hadn't had a chance to sit and watch the movie en famille so thank God you can rely on Disney to deliver something that will amuse the entire family without fear of either the young ones having nightmares or the older ones groaning. The Princess and the Frog is wonderful fun and I never thought I'd hear myself saying that in public! It truly is a return to the old beloved Disney style complete with great comedy, foot tapping hip jiggling New Orleans blues and enough colour, action and excitement to keep even our smallest monosyllabic critic happy. It is full of life and no nonsense 2D animation of the ilk of Snow White and the early classics which gives the old fairy tale a new and unexpected twist which improves the story no end. If you do not believe me then WATCH THIS and tell me you aren't enthralled too.

Being Blu-ray of course it comes with enough added features to keep the little monsters happywhilst I rustled up some munchies, well Louis the Alligator wasnt the only one being made hungry after all the Cajun cooking and prawn gumbo!!So I left the audience to enjoy
and the Deleted Scenes,The Making Of A Princess, Conjuring The Villain , and the Princess Portraits Game whilst I conjured up some magic of my own in the kitchen in the form of yummy beignets , the doughnuts for which the French market in New Orleans is famous.

As it was baby sister made her entrance just after the movie was finished so we celebrated Princess style with warm sugar coated beignets and threw our own impromptu party in her honour toasting her with glasses of warm milk.

If you want to learn more about this exceptional movie then CLICK HERE oh and if you everwondered how to kiss a frog prepare to pucker up THIS IS HOW ITS DONE... well you never know when your Prince will come adn its best to be prepared