Sunday, 3 January 2010

Blu suits me

We have had a film fest since I last dallied here and have watched dozens of films some quite old like "Australia " with Nicole Kidman and Hugh jackman (that is him below yes I know you probably knew that already but I just wanted to see that smile again...ok where was I oh yes lusting over colonials...)

to Coraline which frankly is rather scary with her nasty alterantive family with button eye fetishes and very clever tinkering with minds! Well worth seeing for the bonus features showing how it was made which is one long and wildy exciting into the mind of visual thinkers.

Oh and then of course we had the best of the new Disney releases which small visitors and family members watched again and again like Santas snow puppies ( see the trailer here) call me a soft touch but who could resist the mix of snow and chubby labrador puppies at Christmas!! Oh and do not forget G force with its hyper intelligent spy guinea pigs. it has been made all the more wonderful by our watching them on HD TV via Blu ray. Wow, 3D glasses do nothing for me but Blu Ray brings the whole thing alive!
I am not one for modern gimmicks we must have been one of the lat amongst our friends to get a DVD player and I am a real ludite when it comes ot modern techno things but I am a convert and my friends Blu ray is the way to go ! Brighter better images make the whole thing come alive. I have no idea how it works but it has me hooked.


  1. no wonder you have such gaps in your blogs, you are watching DVDs all the time.
    Mind you, lusting after Hugh Jackman I can understand. I also understand that you just 'have' to watch all those lovely kiddie movies, you are an excellent Mum after all and you simply have to sacrifice yourself for their benefit.

  2. Ahh, the wonders of Hugh Jackman, and that accent, has even a mature (hah!) happily-married woman such as myself drooling unshamedly. We also recently acquired a blu-ray but have yet to use it that much (working nights and business meetings and little boy reduced to movies with nanny lash lash guilt guilt) but as soon as we do, these beauties are definitely going on my list. :)